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How packers and movers can go Green and save environment?

Today the carbon footprint has caused much environmental damage and affected the ozone layer. This carbon footprint reduction is the need of a hour. Transportation industry is also one major cause and contributes to the Environment pollution. Transport industry not only affected the air pollution but sea transport has also caused majorly to the sea Pollution. It is a concern and need the serious attention of the industry and moving companies should also contribute to minimize the Pollution.

We at Sharma packers and movers have taken our role in the reduction of pollution very seriously and would love to contribute to make earth green Again.

1. Recycle Packing Material: For local moving we are using moving blankets which helps us the dependence on Plastic and other packing materials like corrugated sheet. These help use to reduce the Tree cutting and save the tree campaign and help us to reduce pollution by using the alternate packing materials. Instead of using cardboard boxes we are using plastic boxes which last long and can make multiple move with single crate and we have saved about 200 Cardboard Boxes, this small change has helped us reduce Pollution.

2. Bio Fuel: is another best option to run the vehicle it is among the best way to reduce carbon pollution and make the vehicle running possible. As biofuel is known as an alternative to diesel fuel, there are other uses. Many assume that the material is used just for transportation. But biofuel can provide hydrogen, clean up oil, work as cooking oil and more. They are also less expensive and make transport economical.

3. Truck Pooling: When you have limited household items for transportation, we always advise best option by offering Shared truck or Transport pooling service which will not only reduce the cost of transportation but also reduce pollution by using alternate means of transportation.

4. Hybrid Vehicles: Hybrid vehicles of the most common vehicles offering ecological and green living benefits in the transportation niche. Hybrid vehicles will generally run off of gas and electric combinations are using solar car can reduce pollution and can make earth green.

These efforts on reducing pollution are not only to make environment green but also making economical sustainable options and this methods will only make economy better. We believe reducing pollution will have lot more economical benefits and also contribute to better physical health making long economical benefits for the country.

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