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Most Students prefer Staying in Hostels and Paying Guest (PG) and prefer to study in the major big metro cities for higher Quality education and Better future prospects. Sharma packers have decided to design a package exclusively for student and making their initial life less hectic and comfortable when they need a transport service. Our service is designed to pick up and doors deliver the cargo and parcel with packing service at hostel and door to door transport service.

Our service is perfect options for students looking to ship things like extra cloths, Books, Guitar, Bike or travel bags with best care at very affordable charges.

  • The best price, guaranteed,
  • Customer support designed for students,
  • FREE labeling Service

Sharma Packers and Movers Student Service provide a fantastic solution to the stresses of travelling with luggage. We offer a domestic student shipping service that ships your student luggage door to door in next to no time. All you need to do is empty your bedroom into sturdy bags or reinforced cardboard boxes, ensuring there’s nothing breakable inside them. Our student courier service collects your bags and boxes from home, and delivers them to your student digs. At the end of term, your luggage can be collected again from your halls of residence and delivered back home.


We will arrange for your luggage to be collected anywhere in Bangalore, India and delivered to your chosen destination without hassle or stress. Travel ‘hands free’. No last minute loading of the car or being weighed down for a flight or an already long and painful train journey.

Things to consider when using shipping services for students

You do not have to worry a bit and absolutely no need to search any other courier company for student luggage shipping in Bangalore. As we Sharma student courier company grants affordable student parcel and delivery Surface freight shipping options as it best valued and more affordable option. As we collaborate with trustworthy logistics service providers, you can get exclusive offers and discounts for student removals when you need to send personal belongings to campus or back home.

Luggage Packaging

Once you have made up your mind to ship you can call us, it is very essential to take care of packaging all your personal belongings in right way and with good quality packaging materials. All the shipments sent via Courier will be packed by your professional packing team with good Sturdy Carton Boxes and properly sealed with BOPP Tapes, which is best suitable method to pack in cardboard boxes. And if you prefer to transport a travel bag or suitcase, all you are required to do zip the bags and secure it with lock, our team would use corrugated sheet, Bubble wrap and stretch film including the handles and wheels for maximum safety.

Book shipping services in advance

It is crucial to place an order at least 2 business days before your planned pick-up date. Booking shipping services beforehand is a good practice to avoid any inconveniences. Once your order is confirmed our team would come and pick up your shipment on scheduled date and time. You will be provided with a tracking number once we rebook your shipment with a courier agency for tracking.

Indicate the correct address and telephone number

It is crucial to indicate a detailed pick-up and delivery addresses in order to avoid any confusion but ensure that a courier will be able to locate your house /Pg / Hostel/ University dormitory to collect your shipment. The same goes for the delivery address as correct information ensures that your parcel is delivered to the right consignee. Furthermore, it is very important to enter a correct local telephone number where the collection or delivery will take place. Even though the courier service providers are not obliged to contact the customers by phone, in case they decide to do so, only local phone numbers will be contacted.

Frequently Asked Question for Luggage delivery and Transport

1. What is the Student Baggage Allowance?There is absolutely no limit or any allowance restrictions for transporting your baggage in india by surface transport or courier companies. We would be willing to offer no limit baggage service for road transport service.

2. How Luggage Delivery Company operate? We would collect your pick up address and fix a time to collect your shipment. Once our team arrives at pick up location we would pack all the items and label them for safety and to avoid no loss of baggage in transit. Once the payment is done we would reconnect with our courier or logistics partner for destination delivery.

3. How to send my bag?The process of sending your bag is same as any other luggage and every care is taken by providing good packing and securing wheels and handle to deliver without any damage.

4. How is Luggage shipping cost Calculated?We calculate luggage shipping cost on volumetric weight basis and final cost on whichever is higher.
For Example: Let consider if you were to move one carton box luggage from Bangalore to Mumbai and it needs to be collected from Electronic city and drop at Andheri. It would cost about Rs.4500.00 but if you were to move 02 Carton Box then the price drops and would be charged Rs.6000.00. For a simple reason we have a collection and drop cost. So, more the number of boxes for moving better the price.

5. Is your Luggage transfer Service Door to Door?Yes, we are door to door luggage delivery service to all Over India. We are associated with leading courier and logistics companies to transfer your luggage with tracking options.

6. How can I send luggage to another state in India?You can simply call Sharma Packers and Movers and we would be able to offer state to state luggage transfer service with packing.

7. How to send luggage from one state to another?Just Pick up your phone and call us at 9945029555 or fill the form and send it to us, We would call and discuss your luggage shipping requirement and offer the best discounted price for your evaluation. On acceptance of our luggage moving proposal we would schedule a pick up time and date and pack all the items from your current city Bangalore to another state at your home delivery.

Tips to save on Luggage shipping cost by Airlines

  1. Pack all by yourself
  2. Drop and collect the items by yourself
  3. Measure the size of the bag
  4. Check the weight of the Bag

Finally you have got more information on how Sharma luggage courier service helps you. Please also note for safety never book a cheap Luggage shipping companies as you could end up losing all your valuables also hire the best and reputed luggage moving companies for professional and hassle free experience.

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