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Bangalore is among the top and fastest growing city in the world and so it opens lot of opportunity for professional & startup companies. With this rise in growing professional population be it working in IT companies, Corporate Lawyers, Soft ware engineers, Doctors, technicians & scientist there has been a rise in demand for these professional in all the sectors like Manufacturing, Banking, IT sectors, Transport & Logistics supply chain and many more. With the rise in population it has also increased the demand in Real estate sector also.

People are also looking to rent a house or flat which is conveniently located to their workforce and this not only challenge in Bangalore but at other metro cities also like Mumbai ,Pune ,Delhi ,Gurgaon ,Hyderabad ,Ahmadabad and jaipur. With growth of cities people also move to better job opportunity not necessarily for better pay package but also for knowledge and skills development. But, this very human nature to explore opportunity has also boosted Transport & Logistics sector immensely and with this growth the new challenge arises for HOUSEHOLD TRANSPORT for within city relocation or city to city moving.

This very requirement looking for Household Transport has added one more sector called as “Removals” or “Removalist” service in developed country like USA , UK , Australia, Canada. But in Asian region that is India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh & China this is known as “Packers and Movers”. People not only like to within their own country but also like to explore world for better knowledge, lifestyle & cultural studies. So this has grown in to industry as popularly known as “Relocation Sector” or “Relocation Industry”.

But who are these Packers and Movers?

Packers and movers as suggested are transport or logistics companies who offer support for packing and moving for your household items & Office items from your current location to your new location. They are professionally trained to pack, load, Transport, unload and unpack all your home needs with good care. Some packers and movers companies are also specializing at offering household storage services in case you do not have a accommodation ready. It is just not about transporting your household goods its more about securing them, these moving companies will use packaging material to wrap all your home articles with skilled labor and also help you organize in Transit insurance cover for transportation. Now if you thing they are only for household items moving, then you can also consider them for Car and Bike transport also and not only that they will be able customize their service to suit your moving details.

Is there a need for packers and movers specialize service required for transportation for household items?

The answer could yes or no, think again there are many who consider there is no need for these specialized service any logistics, and transport or Courier Company can offer these services. Then please reconsider your thought it is not that simple, moving of household items is a specialized service and many these transport companies are not expert in to it, they can move it but safety is the area where most of them fail and you as a customer will regret these when all your hard earned money is lost or get damaged.

As explained these packers and movers are professionally trained and experienced in handling fragile household items, every items are individually packed with good quality packaging material like bubble wrapping, corrugated sheet and other packaging materials like Moving blankets, moving pads for secured & maximum protection. So, idea of DIY (Do it Yourself) may appeal to few then again there are always risk associated to it like hiring a moving truck ,organizing a manpower for pick up and drop of items ,sourcing a packaging material and above all you end up paying more, unless you have very few boxes to move. But if you were to move a complete home shifting then most of them will hire packers and movers services only.

So, hiring a packers and moves comes with more advantage, few benefits of sourcing a packers and movers are listed below

Saves Time : Simple math’s more hands faster the work, if you were to DIY then after a long day hard work you need to find time to pack all your goods by yourself and this takes about 3-4 weeks preparation to pack 02 bed room household goods. But with the help of packers and movers this is much easier and organized and home items are packed within 6 hours. Yes, it’s true these are professionally trained labour who can pack it better and faster. By doing self-relocation, you will definitely waste lots of time. It takes a lot of time to find the best transport channels, packaging tools, and other things. But, with the help of a good packers and movers firm, your work will go smoothly. You will not waste your precious time anymore. This will also save your budgets. So, by using a good packers and movers firm, you will be able to get the best services without any type of risks and hassles. If you are able to find a good firm like Sharma packers and movers, the work will become more easy and fast. So, instead of wasting your time and efforts, it is good to hire someone to do your work professionally. We always advise you to do proper research about the firm before hiring them. There are lots of companies available in the market to choose from. Once you did it, let them do their work and do proper audits from time to time. Check for the tactics they are using to move your precious items.

Saves Effort : If you were to DIY your efforts are more and exhausting, packers and movers business is physical and need good muscle power for handling your cargo during loading and unloading.

Fewer Injuries : Hiring a packers and movers you can avoid injuries during handling your shipment during loading and unloading. While doing those works related to packing and moving, there are lots of chances of having injuries. While packing huge objects, you might have to face different hassles too. So, it is good to use a good firm for your work and let them do all the work professionally. Once you are with a good firm, you do not have to do any work on your own. They will handle everything properly with their professional staff members.

Lesser Cost : Just imagine you are taking a day off and losing a pay for organizing Packaging material, spending your time for packing throughout the month and then on the moving day you hire a labours for loading and unloading the goods and arranging a transport truck for moving goods. Really, it is not that simple, but with a packers and movers this is all done with a phone call and you save lot more money than by DIY. It is the worst part of a self-move. If you are going to move your assets on your own, you will have to pay huge prices. You have to pay separately for packing, transportation, and loading. The overall cost will be increased so much. Instead of this, you can go for a good packers and movers firm and choose any good package easily.

Avoid damage to the property : Buy trying to move all by yourself there is always a good chance you damage the your own property and also the property of your owner, as you are not trained to do properly handle the heavier objects and also you are not fully equipped. By doing the packing and moving works on your own, there are hugely chances of damage to your property. It is possible that you might lose your precious household items forever. So, it is necessary to hire a good firm for this work and let them do everything with their excellent staff. It is tough to pack and load fragile items. Only a professional service provider can handle these works effectively. These packers and movers companies have handling equipments like moving trolley, lashing material, Guard equipment and also rollers to move heavier object.

These are just few benefits there are many more advantage when your are hiring a relocation company for shifting Long distance moving or International packers and movers services. For long distance moving that is intercity moving or International relocation proper documentation, custom clearance and understanding the law is even more important, so these packers and movers services are always a good option to avoid the hassle.

What are the services that packers and movers companies Offer?

By now you would have understood how packers and movers companies can make your moving simple and effortless and advantage of hiring a good professional moving companies, but, there is many more areas that you can hire packers and movers services for, we have listed some major and common service when people hire theses shifting companies for

Intra city Moving : These shifting companies pay attention to every detail during packing and for moving your house items from one locality to another locality within the same city, and referred as local packers and movers in india. They will come with a van and 3-4 labor for moving within city and provide basic packing and securing your home items for local shifting. They will assist in moving individual house, flat or a villa to move a small distance and also referred as small distance movers in USA, UK , Australia & Canada.

Intercity Moving : It is a great relief now there are many packers and movers supporting packing and moving single items to complete home shifting from your current city to new city with packing, loading, unloading, door to door transport. Proper documentation is also arranged to clear check post and Naka’s for stress free relocation. Basically these a long distance moving companies who offer city to city moving services.

International Relocation : This is an expert domain unlike local moving, these companies are expert at offering cross boarder relocation where understanding countries documentation process is prime. There are many freight forwarders or c & f agent who comes in handy to handle these procedures for a fee.

Cargo Transport : Cargo transport is more of a customized services, moving few boxes or fragile items like paintings, pictures or piano need extra precaution and more improvised packaging for more of a safety reason, these packers and movers can clearly understand it and offer the services desired by you.

Transit Insurance Services : When you transport household items there is always a risk of goods getting damage be it accident on road or any natural calamities and you might just lose your hard earned money. But nothing to worry packers and movers companies will also organize insurance for transit and ensure you recover your losses from the insurance company.

Household storage Services : If you do not have an accommodation ready or getting your home renovate or have extra furniture and looking for some warehousing services. Packers and movers companies will also offer warehousing service for long and short term storage.

Car or Bike Transport : Yes, if you consider moving your car or shifting your two wheeler packers and movers will help pack and safely offer door to door transport service.

What is the average price of packers and movers in Bangalore?

It is not that hard to find a cheap packer and mover’s services in Bangalore, but we always recommend you hire a good and professional packers and movers services. Packers and movers prices are variable and depends on various factors

House Size : It is as simple as that bigger the house more the shifting cost, higher the packing cost and more the work force required and vice versa. So to move a 1 bed room house will cost less compared to moving 4 bed room villa or a flat.

Packaging cost : More the home items higher the packaging cost, every home items will be packed securely and shifted. Packaging material like bubble sheet, corrugated material, stretch wrap, moving carton boxes, plastic crates, moving blankets all these materials will affect your moving cost.

Labour Cost : Labours are expensive these days a labour to day charges Rs.700 to Rs.900 depending on the weekdays and weekend shifting. Number of manpower required for loading and unloading affects your overall cost for shifting.

Tempo size for Transportation Cost : More the items bigger the vehicle required for transportation and these effects your transportation cost. Small distance moving are generally done with a mini truck but to travel a distance over 5 k.m. big vehicle is suitable for single trip moving and also saves time but cost little more than a mini truck.

These factors always help you know how to save on your moving cost, with Sharma packers and movers has made Packers and movers in Bangalore a very affordable service for those living in Bangalore. As we are professionals, we come equipped what exactly what is required for your move. The cost for the packers and movers service in Bangalore is based on how much you have to move and what materials are required for the packing and moving of your belongings. Shifting a 1BHK with the help of packers and movers and will cost you only between Rs.5,000 to Rs.7,000. When it is a 2BHK, the prices will start to increase as this normally means more large furniture i.e. 2 beds, 2 cupboards etc. Shifting a 2BHK with packers and movers in Bangalore will cost you anywhere between Rs.7,000 to Rs.10,000. The cost for shifting anything more than a 2BHK such as a 3BHK in Bangalore with the help of packers and movers becomes more expensive. The cost of Packers and Movers for 3BHKs in Bangalore is between Rs.9, 000 to Rs.14, 000.

How to pick a right packers and movers for the Shifting Job?

Today we have choices from hiring a cheap packer and movers, professional packers and movers & good packers and movers, but the confusion starts when everyone claims to be the best so we would help you with tips on hiring a genuine packers and movers company. But before that we should understand how we search for packers and movers, we generally go to “Google” and search Packers and movers and you get the good list of moving companies but all in not good you may end up hiring some fake movers in business. So please try get the list, so where you can find the list

Referrals : This is the first step you can do collect the list of name of packing and moving companies by asking your relatives or neighbor whom they hired during the relocation. Get their experience and feedback and start collecting moving quotation from these relocation companies.

Friends & Colleagues : If you are working professionals and working in a company then your colleagues can also refer you few shifting companies and their feedback can also add some packers and movers names to your list. But if you are new to the city and do not know who to hire then we have listed some tips before your book a packers and movers service

Pre Move Survey : Always get the pre move survey done before booking a shifting company for a job, in pre move survey packers and movers company will send their representative to check the household goods and get survey done. This marketing executive will discuss your moving details and offer a actual moving quote in a written agreement, if any one do not offer a written estimation “DO NOT BOOK” that moving service, as it could be trap. During the pre move survey please be prepared to answer list question:

  1. Date of Moving : This is the primary question asked by any packers and movers company to understand their availability to shift as during weekends i.e Saturday and Sunday or any national holidays are always a rush day and packers and movers service availability is always in demand.
  2. Destination Detail : This is to understand on arrangement required to be made at destination. Some city areas are tightly placed and vehicle restrictions are also in place where in your packers and movers might consider for charges.
  3. Parking Fee : Some city areas come with a parking fee which would also affect your moving cost.
  4. Lift Facility : Not every apartment moving is easy, so it is to know about the usage of lift or shifting needs to be done by stairs and on some rare occasions rigging services may also be required.

These basic questioners are asked by packers and movers for estimation. If you have any of your doubts please do hesitate to ask marketing executive.

Check Name : Please do not accept the quotation if the company name is missing on the quotation that again might be a trap, and one more important thing to check is Company Name- Some moving company uses identical name other than mentioned on the search engine. For example you called “Sharma packers and movers” and when you receive a quotation it could another name sufficing like “professional” or “cargo” or “International” or “Presently” or “new”. Please check the number on the website and domain name before confirming.

Office Visit : We understand this is not possible to get time out of your busy schedule and visiting packers and movers office, but trust me it is work you will experience more about their functioning and identify hiring a fake moving company for the shifting.

These are some tips highly recommended to all for shifting and making your relocation a pleasant experience.

Why Sharma Packers and Movers should be your first choice when you need a packers and movers?

Sharma Packers and movers is among the best and professional packers and moves company in Bangalore having supporting relocation since 2000 and done over 10000+ home relocation and 98% satisfied customers and more than 80% customers come back to us again for moving. That’s not all we have done many more office moving and have also supported single items moving to complete home shifting to our customer’s entire satisfaction. It requires lot of skill to carefully move you’re valuable and price assets from one place to another; it requires a professional company with good expertise. But in a city like Bangalore the option for good packers and movers are available in plenty and find them would always be a challenge for your moving job. A good moving company is always resourceful and efficient and skilled staffs to organize and safely handle your belongings will the first criteria and who better then Sharma packers and movers who can fulfill your desired request with the impeccable perfection.

Once the shifting work is in our scope of hands, you do not have to worry a bit, with our 20 years of packing and moving service experience and having accomplished many projects we can bring smile to face on completion of project. We exactly know how to pack your furniture and handle your fragile items with use of different type of packaging material and providing a suitable transportation service.

Why we are among the best Packers and movers in Bangalore?

With years of experience behind us and skilled and experienced staff supporting us we are highly appreciated by our customers and that’s reason why 80% of satisfied clients always come back to us when then look for moving services and for this we have been recognized by various bodies and received the award and recognition in the relocation sector. But, at the same time we also believe learning never ends and we continuously improve our packing methodology and regularly train our workforce to offer our best services every time. But we also understand to keep a tab on offering best service at a best price and remain competatitive so that we do not lose our customer base for others over a price.

With us you can always get following services

  • Quick Service
  • Customer friendly Staff
  • Cost effective Solution
  • Peace of Mind
  • Value Added Services
  • No Obligation Free Moving Estimation
  • 100% Good reviews
  • Hassle & stress free Experience.

With our confidence so high we are reassuring you a hassle free packing and transportation of your valuables not only we meet your budget expectation but could easily move to a remotest village across country with our support. Once the job in our safe hands we would help you through the entire relocation process from offering Estimation to packaging, Loading, Unloading and Transportation you would be more than happy because we would far exceed your expectations, our highly efficient and skilled team member will always be ready to give best desired solution and make it simple to most challenging job. With our positive and determined approach towards work we make impactful moving experience and ask for your feedback after every moving to make a learn more with your move. Though we are located in Bangalore but our network nationwide by which we reach you by shortest route possible cutting short your delivery time and offer destination service to all major cities and town. With our wide range of carrier trucks we make safer and reliable move to the new places, so for your best packers and movers experience, Sharma packers and movers are the best option for you. We will help you in every possible way to make your move a pleasant experience in a most effective manner and all this at a affordable cost.

How does Sharma Packers and movers can Offer better Service?

With such a wide range of service to choose from and many kind of moving firms, hiring a suitable firm becomes a challenging. Bangalore like any other city also house from big firms to a small firms and packers movers industry in no exception, among so many firms providing cheap moving service to highly professional service and charging likewise for services, we have always chosen the middle path. We are mid size moving firm on a path of growth started with a small mini truck and 02 labours and now grown to a size of company owned fleets of vehicle from Tata Ace to Leased vehicle of 17 feet and 20 feet container vehicles and work force size 10 labours and we also outsource about 10 manpower on regular basis to accomplish the demand in hand for our shifting service during the weekends and month ends.

Sharma packers and movers are among the best firms offering services for any kind of packing and moving work. Our cost effective moving service make it highly affordable and makes us reach more number of clients and year on year basis our customers have only grown.

Why Sharma Packers and Movers should be your First Choice for your work?

Let us agree on one thing we are all looking for “Good Deal” and at a “Good Price” in order to bring a balance we are using highly effective tactics and improvise on methodology of operation to do the desired work. This is our strategy and crucial for our firms growth by using right tool, modern equipment and keep price in check and offer more value added services. With our professional support and advice your work will be done easily without any hassle. We offer some features like no other with ethical business practice and practical solution to your requirement.

Faster Delivery : In today fast pace life delivery on time is of great essences and we are among the quickest transport service. With our skilled and experienced driver our reliable transport network and best movement technique, we can assure timely and fastest delivery service for door to door transportation, so that you can receive your entire valuable in least possible time without any problem. Our Marketing audit team will assist you from start and entire packing and moving will be audited under supervision of our team and this entire process will help you save your time with a single prime objective on customer delight and happiness.

Budget : We understand to grow business we need to offer a good quality experience and keep our pricing more “Affordable” so we can engage our service and offer advantage to maximum clients. With this approach we do work, our working practices and experience are highly appreciated and efficient work ethics will make our price low and more affordable to suit individual budget in comparison to other companies offering relocation estimate.

Safe & Reliable Service : We also believe price may not be the only affecter to achieve our long term objective we need to be “safe & reliable” also. Our super skilled teams are performing and offering 100% dedication and support and ensuring all your priced possession are packed to perfection. With our transport team and offering right transportation mediums we make this whole process smooth and reliable and lot safer than one can ask for. All we ask for an opportunity and work for you.

Skilled Staff : Yes, skills matter the most our staff undergo training on regular basis on proper use of packaging material and understand the new assembly of modern furniture like Hydraulic Cots, handling spring mattress and packing of expensive artifacts and vase. We have experienced staffs that have been with us since the company started and this experience “Qualify” us to be among the best and top movers in Bangalore. Our staff members also undergo training on behavior and spoken skills to handle the most erratic customers during the pressure situation. We know customers stress and that when we prepare our team on soft skills also, our highly expert and trained qualified staff members are ever ready to offer every type of assistance and unconditional services ranging from packaging, auditing and transportation as our staff are allocated and made aware of their duties to perform the best. With our skills we are able to move just about anything to any where easier than you imagine across Bangalore city. We are always preparing to offer our advanced support and willing to learn on the job to serve clients better.

So know you know what separate us from other packers and movers, so know eager to know How Sharma packers and movers does house Shifting for you?

Shifting your house to a new place can be wonderful idea, having a new neighbor and understanding a new surrounding brings lot of excitement, but shifting house might be most stressful job to do. There are lots of things to be planned prior to shifting like

  • Informing your landlord about the plan
  • Seeking permission from the Apartment Association.
  • Change of Address should be informed to your
    1. News paper vendors.
    2. Insurance Policy Company.
    3. LPG Gas Agency.
    4. Postal Department.
    5. Company Management.
    6. School Authority.
    7. Mobile Phone Company.
    8. Hiring Packers and movers for the house shifting.

So, once you planned your date of moving, you should start looking for some reliable company for house shifting, so let’s assume you planning to shift home articles on 1/1/2020 so you should look for agencies to shift home about 2 weeks prior as discussed above.

So now if you’re considering shifting your rented 2 bed room house (2BHK) or a flat, there are many things that have to be planned in advance for making a stress free shifting. When the house is 2bhk or larger house the work to be done increases many fold, say

  • Listing out the shifting Agencies
  • Taking Multiple Quotations.
  • Engaging Services
  • Informing your date of moving

So to move your home articles to a new place, there is always a need for professional help needed. Let’s assume you take quote from Xyz Packers and movers or Abc Packers and movers then you compare the services and estimate with us. Now once our marketing executive briefed about our service you call us and inform your moving schedule.

So let’s brief you about how Sharma Packers and Movers do your 2bhk House Shifting.

Once you have called us on 9945029555 Or Left an enquiry on the contact us form, we would call you and get some insight about your requirement and get some information to organize a moving process detailed below

Pre-Move Survey

This is the first step in the process, we send our marketing staff to understand your work requirement in detail related to your work, it is getter importance for getting more clarity about your work. We make the list of things you plan to move. After this audit we are in better position to offer a best solution for you, it becomes easy for you and we to clarify the resources need to complete the work and plan accordingly and move strategy is shared to you on accomplishing the house move.

What we look in a pre move Survey

  1. List of Items
  2. Stair Area
  3. Parking Lane
  4. Lift Availability
  5. Van size needed
  6. Number of manpower Required
  7. Packaging material need
  8. Time & date are finalized

So, that there will no surprises on the date of moving.

What we do on the Moving Day?


As discussed we will send separate staffs that are skilled to handle everything related to packing. Every detail and attention is paid to pack all your home items individually and labeled also by using the best packaging materials we are preparing to move for long and short distance moving safely.

Furniture Packing : All your furniture like Sofa Set, couches, Double bed and a cot ,crockery Unit, Almirah, Wardrobe , Chester, Side tables, Dining Tables , Chairs are packed in multiple layers with Bubble sheet, Corrugated sheet & stretch wrap for maximum security.

Electronic Packing : All your electronic items like Tv, Fridge, Washing Machine, Dish washer ,Music system, Electronic piano, Owen and computer are packed with 04 layer packing using thermocole, Bubble wrap, corrugated sheet & stretch wrap as they value more, For long distance moving we would also offer wooden crate solution.

Crockery or Glass ware Packing : All your crockery are fragile and are packed individually piece by piece in a bubble sheet or news print paper and then goes into your carton box of good quality cardboard box with fillers for secured transportation.

Carton Box Packing : All you’re other home items like cloths, blankets, pillows, books and decorative pieces are packed in to carton boxes and labeled for easier identification.

Carpet and Floor Mats : Are securely packed for transportation.

Flower Pots : However we move floor pots without packing but take responsibility for breakages and are availed only for full load transportation.


Once we have packed your entire household our team will also provide loading and unloading too, so you do not have to worry about loading and unloading process also. We have trained efficient staff to do this work also, as then know how to properly load the packed items on the carrier truck vehicles and unload them at destination.

Carrier Type

Organizing carrier a vehicle will also be a part of our job, we would provide you the option to select the vehicles for the move. You will be able to choose between the dedicated truck transport and consolidated truck moving for moving of your belongings.

  • Dedicate Transport or Separate Moving : In this option you can engage a separate moving truck or van to carry all your house articles exclusively so you do not have to worry about loss of baggage or damages during multiple loading and unloading and delivery time is also faster.
  • Consolidate Transport or Shared Moving : Here clients can hire to share the truck space area to move house items with other customers. You can save on cost by allowing us organize the shared transport service.

We are offering both types of moving vehicles on the most reasonable prices. Having an experience of doing many 2BHK shifting to the entire satisfaction of our clients so you do not have to worry about any type of hassle during shifting process.

Why Sharma Packer and Mover that best suits you?

By now you have understood our moving expertise is unmatched and comes with reliability and a brand we are known for “Assurance”. Please do not gamble with choices you have, a good experience moving company is always best bet as they have proven track record. But what customers can actually do is to ensure they pick packers and movers carefully and consider following points when opting for service:

  1. Price
    • Compare : After availing 02 Moving quotes and compare the cost of your requirement along with services they offer. Lower Moving cost is not always a wise idea to book, the services will differ among the cheap moving source to Higher ranged moving company.
    • Get Written Estimate : Enough has been stressed upon the need for pre move survey and getting written estimate to avoid confusion during actual payments.
  2. Paper Work :
    • Documentation : Check all the documents like registration certificate, License and tax certificate etc to avoid fraudster. You can check office premises after arranging a personal meeting to better understand the work ethics and real office set up.
  3. Review :
    • Check online review of the firm over the search engine and also look for warning signs

While every care is taken in engaging a good service provider but please also beware of certain points before getting cheated.

  • Cost with Service : Cheaper service may not always be a wise idea to hire, you may get improper packaging, Hidden cost, unskilled labor and no Insurance at all, all this at final movement which can ruin your moving experience.

Worst Mistake you need to avoid:

Don’t make the moving mistake of assuming that professional packing services are too expensive to afford. As long as you pack whatever you can by yourself and leave to the pros only the things are either too fragile or too large, or both, then you may be pleasantly surprised by the affordability of the extra service offered by full-service moving companies.

Over Packing : In our enthusiasm we forget to properly prioritize the things we need to move and pack all the unwanted stuff and the size of your move increases and that reflects on you cost of transportation. Be relaxed and list out the thing essentially required for your moving arrangement.

You need a list :Prepare a good inventory list all the essential items that you want at your new location, only carry the most essential items that you plan to use at your new home.

Waiting till the last minute :Never plan it for the last minute as you may end up paying more than you actually estimated or budgeted your relocation. Always plan about 2 weeks in advance and get ready to call your moving company.

Hazardous goods :Many companies will never carry inflammable goods like cylinder Lpg, Kerosene or petroleum products as the cause fire and ruin all your earnings.

Perishable goods :Fruits & vegetables are to be best avoided as them never reach the destination fresh.

Labeling :Yes, failure to label your boxes correctly is a good example of moving mistakes you don’t have to make. Just take a black marker pen and mark each packed container with its detailed contents, destination room, and special handling instructions both for yourself and for your helpers. The usage of colored labels for each individual destination room is also encouraged.

Home Shifting Material

Reasons to Choose Packers and Movers to Move Your House Locally

The primary and foremost reason for hiring a packers and movers in Bangalore service provider is that you can be assured they would pack your household items more securely and with care. Do not ever try it by yourself as do not want to see your belongings being damaged or lost. In order to avoid this type of situation during shifting you should hire a professional local packers and movers that can save you from trauma and stress at the time of relocation

Local Packers and Movers Bangalore - Sharma Movers Packers

Sharma Local Packers and Movers Bangalore are among the household, Office and corporate packers and movers you can trust for best moving and packing services. We would put our 20 years of working experience to best use during intercity packing and moving and take every aspect of your move into consideration. With Sharma local packers movers, you will get the reliable stress free moving solution at a very affordable local house shifting cost.

The Benefits of choosing Sharma Local Packers Movers are more in to quality service than the cost for hiring for local house transport service.

Affordable, Professional Local Packers and Movers Bangalore!

Sharma Local Packers is one of the best packers and movers services provider company in Bangalore India. If you required to move and looking for moving company then we are the only solution for you.

  • Safe, Fast & Affordable
  • Local & National Interstate Moving
  • 24x7 Customer Support
A Review of Sharma Packers and Movers Bangalore

Amitab - Hi, I am Amitab working at Infosys electronic city , we hired this packers and movers for shifting from Bangalore to Chennai, they professionally packed and moved all my home items and regularly updated us on the status of from time to time. Very pleased with their service.

Ghosh - Very professional and efficient team of well behaved staff, the securely shifted all our household goods within the same apartment without any damages.

Sharma - Fantastic furniture packing done at electronic city and handled all my cargo safely and timely delivered without any damage.

Common questions about Packers & Movers

Yes, we charge confirmation token advance to book a slot for moving as commitment to make a reservation for your choice of moving day so we both are obligated to make shifting after confirmation. By paying token advance we make a commitment to make your move.
There is always an extra work pressure and rush during the week ends and month ends and outsourcing labour is expensive and that affects your moving cost.
We do not like surprises, please avoid rescheduling your move as you may end up losing your token payment, because we have booked a moving schedule and sourced people for the job which we are required to pay even if move do not happen.
We understand this; you can update and confirm your moving date once you are sure about moving. Please also understand fuel price are not constant and prices changes on regular basis so if you are not sure with your moving date we would not be able to book in advance.
Yes, our skilled staff will assist you with dismantling cots and other furniture and will also support in reassembling the same at destination.
Call us, we would arrange a mini truck at a very affordable cost for local transportation, but moving fewer items are charged extra because of some fixed cost factors that may affect the moving cost seems higher.
Yes, we have always request to get pre move survey to avoid the last minute confusion and you may end up paying higher than your budget.
No, we are among the few ethical company and offer always our best and reasonable offer without any hidden charges.
Yes, for long distance moving we can offer insurance and premium is also reasonable.
Yes, we support bike and car transport service also at a very reasonable charges.
Of course, we will! Our service professionals may charge you a nominal fee for the extra work. We suggest you resolve all your queries with our packers and movers team before confirming your order.
It’s simple. Just call us and book your inter-city Shifting Services with us.
Individual items shifting services comes under parcel movers services and we would be more than happy to give our transport offer. Just call us at 9945029555
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Relocation and Fastest Transport Services in Bangalore.

  • Local Home Relocation : Our Local Packers and movers in Bangalore we assist you in safe home transport service at a very affordable
  • Truck Transport : Our service providers have appropriate transport vehicles for moving your goods safely and securely without any damage.
  • Antique Moving : Our movers are experts in shifting delicate articles such as glassware items, clay products and statues in fragile conditions.
  • Fine Art Moving : Our packers and movers are specialists in moving drawings and paintings without any damage.
  • Domestic Relocation : Our moving service providers are also experts in delivering domestic shifting services. They move goods from any area of Bangalore city to any other state or city within India.

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