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Tips to Evade Scams by Packers and Movers?

People hire packers and movers for shifting household and office items and often migrate to bigger cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad in search of better future and great growth opportunity. This has been the main reason why packers and movers business has grown many fold and every day new companies start to make some quick money. However with the growing number of moving companies it has also given the rise in Moving scams and many people have lost their valuables to these moving firms by not doing the proper research before hiring these moving agencies. Fake moving companies cheat customers under the false pretext of relocating their household goods to the destination.

For this very reason it is very important for service seeker you the customers to check the moving companies creditability before booking their services. So it is very important to check the trustworthiness of movers company before your hire them for Shifting because it is very easy to get trapped if no proper back ground check in done about the service provider.

So, before we learn how to avoid getting cheated by moving companies lets understand types of moving scams done by shifting agencies

1. Theft and Pilferages When the price is too good to be true it’s a wakeup call, many fake packers and movers companies offer a lowest quote so that they can theft the items. As many as 35% of the moving scams are related to this issue where customers do not receive his items as packed or do not receive at all. The main objective of such fake moving companies to pack the items and do not deliver them at all and sell those items in the grey market or Chor Bazar for money. So, customers are advised not to accept low moving quote to avoid fake moving agencies.

2. Hidden cost This is another popular trick played by fake moving agencies, they would never provide full moving quote and always keep certain cost for billing, Once these moving companies are hired they would increase the final bill without any reason or some nonsense pretext. This is one more reason why you should avoid fake movers companies for shifting.

3. Impractical Moving Quote Many fake moving companies will ask you to make full payment deposit before even packing the items. This should be an eye opener or a wake call to the customers before hiring and moving agencies or even before making payment. No good or reliable moving company will ask for full payment deposit before booking the shipment for transportation.

4. Fake Insurance Bogus movers and packers like to play smart and safe and always force customers to take Insurance coverage and once the client agrees to insurance they would over estimate the total value of household goods and over charge premium and this is one way to make quick money. But, in reality these Bogus Packers and Movers do not provide any insurance cover note as they have not insured any Shipment for transportation.

5. Improper Packing Unprofessional and fake packers and movers will never care for your household items, this you can identify once these companies start packing services. They would bring limited packaging materials and would not care to pack the items carefully because all they want is money and would not show any interest in packing stuffs professionally.

6. Online Estimate Fake moving companies would never make a physical pre move survey for transport estimation, they would always look to offer online moving estimate so that they can make the most of this situation and bill extra charges for increase in volume.

These fraud and fake moving companies always create confusion and commotion to make some extra quick bucks and find every reason to exploit customers. So, why ruin your moving experience book a reliable and professional packers and movers for the job. So, how can customers protect from such frauds and scams happening every day across globe and make the most out these below listed tips to avoid this situation.

How to avoid Scams done by moving companies

1. Book Movers from Referral’s There nothing like getting leads from relatives, friends and colleagues as they would have used the similar services of movers and packers in the past. Ask about the company’s performance and their experience during shifting. The experience encountered by them would be the best way to get the list of good and reliable moving agencies for shifting and good way to start looking for best movers for the household shifting.

2. Book Registered Packers and Movers If you are new to city and do not know any one, then always hire a registered movers and packers for the service, and look for registration certicate to Run the moving business. You can also check whether they are ISO certified or not and they need to be GST registered movers and packers. In some instances you can look for IBA Approved registered transport companies for Central and state government employees for extra safety.

3. Visit Moving companies office It is always wise and highly recommended to visit Packers and movers office for check the physical address. This is best way to book moving companies as many fraud movers would not have a proper operational facility and work only on a call without having an office location. By visiting Packers and movers Office you would be able to understand their methodology and also understand the work culture.

4. Get Home Survey Always trust the moving companies those are willing to provide estimate by doing a home survey. This way the moving companies would never be able to change the quote and you can also be assured there would be no surprises at the last minute.

5. Read the ContractOnce the movers and packers have provided you with Quote for moving, Please read the fine prints about the terms and conditions mentioned on the document and feel free to ask questions in case of more clarification or doubt before signing the document.

6. Check Online Reviews Once you have selected the moving company and collected the Pre move Estimate, it is time to do some home work. It is best to check online reviews and check the ratings of the moving companies. This will doubly ensure about the performance and service offered by your choice of movers and packers and how the past customers felt about the services. If you find any negative ratings please get clarification and their version about their experience.

7. Book Approved Packers and Movers Booking a Government of India Approved packers and movers like GST registered moving company is one way of finding a reliable and trusted partner for shifting household items. Do not trust the moving companies ask for their certification document and see to believe it. As many movers will go back on their talk.

8. Pay by Online Transfer or Bank Transfer Many fraud packers and movers will always insist on collecting payment in cash. Please ask for the companies Bank Account details and make the payment on by Bank transfer as a proof of payment and never make bank transfer to their personal account as many fraud movers will share their personal bank account as they would not have bank account in company’s name.

9. Ask Insurance Cover Note Always insist on Insurance cover note as a proof for Insurance. As many bogus packers and movers would never be able to provide any proof of insurance and you could end paying premium for nothing and could risk all items loss in case of claim.

10. Avoid Low Moving Estimate It is always wise to discard low moving quote which could be a trap and you can end up losing all the household valuables to a fraud moving companies. So, think twice before you sign a contract with lowest moving offer for shifting.

So when you failed to comply with above mentioned tips and already booked fraud movers for shifting, then you can only pray and hope to receive all the goods. If you have received your goods in a damaged condition you can still go ahead a find a legal options to cover your losses. So, you can always first file a police complaint against fraud packers and movers and collect the FIR copy as a proof and you can also proceed with Consumer court and file a complaint against packers and movers for the losses.

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