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Goods Insurance

Goods Insurance by Moving companies for Transit of Household Hoods in Bangalore

How’s moving insurance work?

Many customers assume damage resulting from a professional move will be covered by their own home and contents insurance or the packers and movers insurance, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

Before you make your interstate move make sure you know the following answers and if you don't ask you’re moving consultant. 

Does my insurance cover moving trucks?

Should you get moving insurance? 

What insurance does a moving company need? 

Some examples of damage due to causes outside of our control, and therefore not covered by our guarantee are:

  • Damage due to water on a rainy day.
  • Damage as a result of natural disasters. (eg. flood or fire)
  • Damage resulting from an accident during transportation that is due to no fault of our own. (eg. another vehicle crashing into our truck)

Well we are always there to cover Accidental transit Insurance coverage under Act of God

Details and Exemptions:

It is the sole discretion of Sharma Packers and movers whether to repair damaged goods or replace them using our insurance policy. In either case the agreed excess applies.

Our packers and movers experts will sometimes recommend moving an item a certain way or wrapping or dismantling an item. If these recommendations are refused the item won't be covered.

We do not offer coverage for items that are poorly made or in bad condition. We do not cover IKEA, Particle Board or other furniture that easily falls apart.

If the access is sufficiently bad that damage to furniture is probable or unavoidable our packing team will inform you before moving these items and they will not be covered.

Items that are damaged while being carried over uneven, difficult or steep terrain may not be covered.

Items that are requested to be moved over balconies are moved at the customer's own risk and not covered.

We do not cover natural stone, Mirror Glass or slate including pool table slate.

Items that are not packed securely such as lose glassware that is not wrapped properly is not covered.

Appliance failure is not covered due to the fact that failure could occur regardless of how much care was taken to transport it. Please read your manufacturers recommendations and if there are special moving instructions please inform your packers and movers on moving day. Example: Some washing machines require special transit bolts to stop the tub from swinging or bouncing up and down during transit.

How do I select the amount to be insured?

It is important that you insure your goods for their full value. This means that you should tell us about:
For Replacement Cost Cover – The cost to you to purchase new replacement items of the same type and quality (with no allowance for depreciation).
For Market Value Cover – Replacement cost less an allowance for age, condition, wear and tear, and depreciation.

Read pros and cons-

Insurance for Moving Household Goods

Moving home from one place to another is not a five-finger exercise. It can be one of the most daunting and stressful times of your life. There can be the risk of damages of your valuable belongings in the process of shifting or in transit. Transport Moving insurance that if offered by professional packers and movers companies in India can be the best option for securing belongings against the possible risks.


  1. Is insurance mandatory for packers and movers?

No, it’s not mandatory to have a moving Insurance for home or office shifting. But, it is always best advised to cover your risk for moving a long distance shifting.


  1. Are movers insured?

The answer is movers are not insured. But, you can always pay insurance premium to cover your valuables for transportation and always move your priced goods with transit Insurance.


  1. What Transport insurance do I need for a moving company?

You can always cover your financial losses for transport risk and cover your possession for risk free coverage when things are transported. There are basis coverage and comprehensive insurance coverage during interstate shipping.


  1. Is transit insurance necessary?

By taking a transit insurance coverage you are not only protecting your risk but also get peace of mind during shifting with Insurance protection.


  1. How to claim for damages?

Simple when you move your goods with insurance, you can always seek compensation with the underwriter.


Moving insurance is a policy that covers the risks for personal as well as commercial goods while they are being transported from one place to another by a certain mode of transport such as road, rail or air. It covers the risks like damages to goods due to unfortunate perils or natural calamities like accidents, fire, earthquake, explosion and robbery.

What is covered under transit insurance?

Transit insurance coverage includes common perils which might cause damage to the goods which are being transported. These perils against which transit insurance protects the goods are as follows:





Any type of natural or man-made calamity

Overturning of the transport vessel

The collision of the vessel which damages the goods contained therein

The derailment of the vessel

The sinking of the vessel

Accidental damages

Malicious damages

Impact damage

Theft, etc.


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