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Truck Rental Services Online in Bangalore

When it comes to moving houses or setting up a new workplace, there is a lot of items such as appliances, furniture and more, to be moved about. It might be cumbersome, laborious and expensive to do this is small, multiple batches in your personal vehicle. Understanding the huge needs of our customers, Sharma truck Rentals have a fleet of moving trucks available for rent at affordable transportation cost.

When you hire a moving truck or a small lorry from us for household transport, we assist you at every stage of your moving process. Our assistants help you in carefully wrapping and packing all your items, first using bubble wrap and then into cardboard cartons. Then they are loaded into the van or lorry where they are stacked and fastened with precaution. Even at your destination, the assistants meticulously unload the articles, unpack and assemble them as per your instructions. Care and precaution is taken at every step to ensure that your valuables are not subjected to any mishandling, damage or breakage.

If you are in need of a truck rental or transport service in Bangalore for moving around big large heavy items or just a lot of stuff, we've got the vehicles that can handle it quickly and safely. Call Go with the Sharma Transport & Logistics today. Our family owned Bangalore business has over twenty years experience moving goods safely around the country, from small local deliveries to interstate treks.  We can provide you the best truck hire so you can quickly and efficiently handle your next deliveries.

We Offer Local transport in Bangalore for household moving with careful packing and handling services at a very affordable charges. Our porter service is very renowned and trusted in Bangalore city.

We are among the best company in many manufacturers list of transport companies in Bangalore and have been among the favorite & friendly transport Bangalore transport number saved in their phones and always call us when they need a affordable and reliable transport company for interstate transport ,National or even local transport in Bangalore services are required.

Expertise to transport the smallest of parcel to the heaviest with variations of odd dimensional cargo has been our core competency. Taking care of the cargo transport with utmost vigil and handling our customers have always entrusted us their faith in us. We offer a magnitude of services which you can avail from our various offices suiting your requirements.

  • Transportation of Part Shipment, Full truckloads and parcels of various sizes to every corner of the country in our strength.
  • Transportation of Odd and Heavy cargo irrespective of locations and supply traier transport service is our strength of our transport business.
  • Movement of project machinery on turnkey transport basis.
  • Transportation of high valued, fragile, delicate goods with utmost care.
  • Transportation including packing of household goods with extreme care.
  • Door to Door Service with minimum delivery time over the region and speedy processing of documents.
  • Transportation of part and full loads of various types of consignments to various sea and air ports.


Now there are some non-technical parameters which must be evaluated before selection of a transport provider. Like transporter’s reputation – it can be evaluated by referring to its serving or served customer’s feedback. Digital era has given us the privilege to find the rating and reviews of any transporter. Next is transparency – if a transporter does not have transparency in their dealing, I would suggest no to choose. Transparency means whether a transporter is having a fixed pricing system or not and many more things. Sometimes a transporter provides different quotes to different companies which itself speaks about the transparency. There are few transporters which deal with transparency so that the overall promised transportation services will be served as it is supposed to be without any bias. Like Sharma Packers and Movers always provides a transparent transportation service irrespective of the size of an organization. My experience tells never go for the cheapest; I would suggest look value for money. Evaluating Professionalism of a transporter is also an important factor in the evaluation of a transporter. We need to find out whether the transporter is having a professional attitude towards transportation service or not? A professionally managed company gives a hassle-free experience at the end. So be very careful while we hire a truck or mini truck for rent for our business.