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Family Packers and Movers

Family Packers and Movers Services in Bangalore

Whether you’re moving to, from, or within our city, you’ll need some help. The planning, packing, labor, and logistics that go into a successful move can be overwhelming for any family or business. Rather than leaving your move to chance, let our Sharma packers and movers help with the best moving, packing, and storage services.

You talk directly to the owners and the staff. We are a proud family owned and operated business offering warm, friendly service and the personal advice you come to expect from a family business.

Sharma packers and movers use the highest quality care and respect with every move we do. As a moving company, we treat your furniture as if it were our own. We understand that your belongings are your most prized possessions and need to be handled with great delicacy.

Big or Small Family we help Shift all

We at Sharma packers and movers believe that no shifting is small or Big and take every relocation job seriously. When we shift family we know there are many more things than just packing the stuffs. We pay more detail and attention to your emotions. We care for the kids around during the move and also pay special attention to aged people and their medicine packing when shifting.

Moving with family is never been easy. We know this by our experience. Having children and taking care of their needs during packing and aged parents in house and their medicine needs makes things challenging during relocation. 

We understood the importance on Family during Covid-19, when many working professionals moved to the home town to be with their family. For many people, living closer to their family is very important and can be one of the key reasons people choose to move house. As the family unit extends to several generations, parents want to be nearer their children, and grandparents prefer to live nearer their children and grandchildren.

Cost of moving is also dependent upon the size of the family. Bigger the family more the home items and need for bigger size truck for Shifting.


Who can remember everything that needs to be done to relocate your entire life? Based on the experience of moving, here are my best tips for keeping it together amidst the chaos.

  • Set Up Childcare, Schools, Summer Camps, Swim Lessons
  • Cancel Local Memberships and Services
  • Open a New Bank Account
  • Change your Address with the Postal Service
  • Order New Address Labels
  • Notify Businesses of Your New Address
  • Set Up Newspaper Delivery and Cable (or Not)
  • Register to Vote and Establish Residency
  • Deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Set Up New Utilities (and Cancel Old)
  • Reconfirm Movers and Prepare Contact Info and Payment
  • Arrange for a Move-Out and Move-In Clean
  • Arrange Travel and Accommodations