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Packers and Movers Bangalore cost and price

Packers and Movers Bangalore cost and price

Now everyone is looking for information on the search engine and all the knowledge is available for them on the click of a button. And this is no different to packers and movers business. When customers are looking to shift their household items are it within Bangalore city or Outside Bangalore city they are curious to know the price incurred during the shifting process.

Knowing the price or the cost incurred for shifting home helps customers take make a planned decision and also key the tab on their monthly budget as no one wants to overshoot the expenditure and that’s one reason why people search many related queries to packers and movers cost, price and charges in their search. We know how important it is for you to plan and find reasonable and cost effective packing and moving company before you book them

Let’s agree their many thoughts in your mind while moving, stress tends to go up and frustration builds up and decision making is never going too easy with that state of mind. So, before you take a phone and call a moving agency we all want some idea on how to budget the cost of shipping home items. First thing if you have a date of moving in your mind, then call Sharma packers and movers and discuss the requirement as get the fair idea on the moving cost that is likely to be incurred. The charges associated with a move is the most common question and we would like to help you understand the cost factors involving in Packing and moving services.

One most important Query related to packers and movers is “How much it would cost to move my things?” whiles the cost of moving things are largely depend on various factors and thought reading this might just help you know well when hiring Packers and Movers in Bangalore.

The cost or price charged by packers and movers in Bangalore are not limited one factor but on multiple parameters we have done our best to list the major factors-

  • The primary factor being the size of your property or how much things you posses in your home. Every home shifting is different as you size of house is bigger it is very evident you are likely to have more items like Double cots ( Number of Cots), Sofa Set , Dining Table with Number of Chairs, Wardrobe, Almirahs, Chest of drawers, Electronic items, Electronic gadgets, Piano, Flower pots and so on…So obviously larger house require extra time to pack and also require bigger truck than a Small house. But, at Some instances it also been observed 4 bed room houses are having very basic utilities as they are fully furnished and not much to shift and likewise 2 bed room house have more items and are packed and have also used garage area with stuffs. So let us know what you wish to move so we can organize the right size of manpower and truck for shifting.
  • If you have packed all your items then packers and movers team would save time on packing and are required to just load and unload the items for transportation in the truck. Whereas if a moving team is involving from packing the items to load and unload this would lot more time and also add to your packing cost. So, it is well advised to pack all your small items into the boxes as it would save some time and cost of packing also.
  • Distance between the two locations is also the important factor as the longer distance means more time required to reach the new destination. If the distance is closer by it takes little time to make a shift happen. And that’s one reason why we start the day as early as 8.00Am so that we pack all your items and by the time the truck is loaded the roads are less congested. As you know Bangalore has the worst traffic situation in the world.
  • Lift Availability in the loading or unloading premises reduces the manpower requirement to some extent so less the items to move by stairs lesser the cost. If the lift is small, it will limit how much furniture can fit into each trip. Also if you are up on a high level or the lift is slow, it can easily add a couple of hours onto the loading/unloading time. The same applies if you have stairs at your property, if you have stairs at either property, especially when it is more than one set, we recommend requesting an additional man to come on the day to help speed the move up. You should also understand that if you have 3 or 4 sets of stairs, the movers can slow down over the course of a day as they begin to tire.


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So now that you are looking for approximate cost for moving your household items within Bangalore city or outside Bangalore city to another state we have provided projected moving cost for your due analysis and consideration for planning your relocation budget.


Full services for packers movers are a choice that involves higher cost; however, it is a choice that frees up the property owner to carry on with their daily routine until moving day. There are no days off work, no hassling with boxes, and no packing. For households that are relocating from one state to another, the distance between the existing residence and the new residence will determine the moving cost, as well as load weight, and on a number of belongings that will be transported.

Average packers and movers cost and price in Bangalore (Within city) for local shifting





Average Cost





Rs.4000- Rs.6000





Rs.8000- Rs.10000











(The average cost of transportation is for 15 kilometer distance)


Average packers and movers cost and price from Bangalore for Outside city (Intercity Packers and Movers Charges

Intercity Movers

Shared Truck

Dedicated Truck


Bangalore to Hyderabad




Bangalore to Chennai




Bangalore to Mumbai




Bangalore to Ahmadabad




Bangalore to Pune




Bangalore to Cochin




Bangalore to Trivandrum




Bangalore to Calicut






With local moves, it is important to know and understand the formation of the moving price is essential. Consider the following to understand your local move.

With local relocations, where you reside will influence the cost of the move. For instance, the cost of living is higher in Bangalore, so movers will typically charge a higher per hour or per kilometer rate.

 Typically, Local Movers Bangalore charge a flat rate regardless of services rendered i.e. packing boxes, wrapping furniture, carrying boxes, transporting items from the existing destination to the new destination, etc.

Average local Shifting charges for moving with Bangalore for 2bhk household items should cost Rs.8000-Rs.12000 depending upon distance and number of items for moving.


Home owners should not expect an hourly charge for a long distance relocation being performed by a professional moving company. The price is primarily determined by three major factors:

Distance: Distance influences the cost of the move. The more kilometers traveled between your existing residence and your new residence, the higher your moving bill.

Shipment Weight: It is common sense that furniture and household items add up to weight, and weight adds up to cost. Money can be saved by lightening the weight of their relocation load.

Additional Services:  Additional services like packing will add cost to the moving bill.

For more on moving or to hire reputable movers that offer moves tailored to your needs, contact us below:


Cost of Packing Service – Questions

When obtaining a quote for the cost for packing your belongings you need to ask the questions listed below.

  1. Does the quote include the provision of all packing materials?

Yes, we would always provide our flat rate and final quote with absolute no hidden charges. This is why many prefer to reach Sharma packers and movers, as they are in full trust with our service and know there would no hassle when they book us for home or office shifting.

  1.  How many packers will they be providing?

Number of moving team member is dependent on the size of your move. As every moving job is different and unique and no two shifting job is same. Ideally to shift 1bhk room house it requires 3-4 member to make relocation.

  1.  Will they label all boxes for you?

Yes, labeling is the most important aspect of moving and its mandatory for interstate moving job to avoid the loss of items during shifting from one city to another city.

  1. Have they got any testimonials written by customers who have used their packing service already?

You can check the reviews and ratings on Google for latest ratings and review.


Here are some tips for money-saving while you are moving from your house.

Plan Ahead. To save money when moving house, you should take time to plan ahead and consider every cost. ...

Declutter. ...

Compare Moving House Services. ...

Book Off-Peak Season to Move. ...

Book Cheapest Day to Move House. ...

Get Free Packing Materials. ...

Get Help with Packing. ...

If you still looking for a way to save on your moving cost –Read-