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Packing Services

Packing Services by Moving companies in Bangalore

Leave the packing of your valuable belongings to the Better packers and movers Bangalore. We are one of the trusted Local and Interstate movers in Bangalore offering a quality and secure packaging of all types of items for both local and interstate moves. We understand the importance of safe and secure packing of household or office belongings. That’s why we use only quality packing supplies to give you an overwhelming experience throughout your moving journey. You can hand over the tedious packing and unpacking chore of your precious goods to our experts and relish the experience of settling in your new house or office. Our Packing service in Bangalore is known for its innovative techniques and quality.

Our packing services are designed to suit individual needs because we care for everyone. We take care of all your belongings and pack it using the right technique and advanced packing materials. If you are not good at packing your items, you can hire a professional packaging service provider in Bangalore like us. We offer unique, affordable and high standard packing services to reduce the stress out of your move. Whether it’s about packing antique item or wrapping knick-knacks, we do it deliberately using proven methods. Let us do this tedious task for you!

We can easily pack and move items of all sizes and weights, so heavy or bulky belongings aren’t a problem, and we will carefully and safely pack delicate and breakable items such as kitchen crockery, glassware and family heirlooms. We can also arrange to have specially designed crates made up to protect special and delicate items such as pianos, pool tables and grandfather clocks, making sure they are safely and securely packed and ready for travel.

We know your time is important to you. If you don't have enough time or hands to pack your house or office, our professional team can take the load of your hands. Movers & Packers provide packing options for you to choose from to suit you're costing and budget, needs and timeframes. Movers & Packers trained staff will pack your office or home, including: crockery, fine china, files, glassware, antiques, linen, books, clothing and kids toys, using the quality packing materials that ensures all your chattels are protected during your relocation. 

Custom packaging is perfect for:

High value items -  Such as valuable paintings, or chandeliers which require suspension inside a crate.

Oversized items - Like Grandfather clocks, oversized artworks, or large TV’s which no longer have their original packaging.

Fragile items -  From delicate chinaware, vases or lampshades to fragile computers or monitor screens.

Odd shaped items - That require custom-shaped protective crating or packaging solutions.

Motorbikes - Need to move your special motorbike interstate or overseas. We can take care of crating and transporting your motorbike as well.

Small items - Such as model car, plane or train collections with many, small fragile pieces.

Do you need help packing up your home? Let us help you with all your packing needs.

Worried about your crockery and kitchenware? We handle your fragile items with care. These delicate items can get damaged very easily during transit if not packed correctly. Our packing service is affordable and should be used to lighten your load.
We will make sure that:

All furniture removals are handled with care.

All boxes are packed neatly.

All Items are secure with no movement and sufficient packing around each item.

Your items are moved safely and stored securely.

And mostly that your relocation will be stressed free.

Our Packing Service are available from Bangalore to Ahmedabad- Baroda- Bhopal- Bhubaneswar- Chandigarh- Cochin- Coimbatore- Delhi- Faridabad- Ghaziabad- Gurgaon- Hyderabad- Jaipur- Kanpur- Kolkata- Lucknow- Mumbai- Nagpur- Navi Mumbai- Noida- Patna- Pune- Surat- Thane


What are the benefits of packing services?


Packing involves a lot of hard work and planning. You need to decide what goes in which box and need to plan correctly before you move out. Apart from that you need to buy the essentials for packing your stuff. Instead of all that fuss and hard work, you might as well consider hiring packing services.

Benefits of packing services are:

-Saves time. Packing services can do the job much faster than you due to their experience.

-Packing services can get the needed supplies.

-They can plan better than you do.

-You don't have to break your head on thinking what needs to be done and what not.

-Big furniture or any other delicate items or important items can be handled easily by them than you.

-You can opt for partial or full packing based on your needs and budget.

If you're looking for packing services in Bangalore, then Sharma Packers and Movers are considered the best. They are very experienced in what they do and provide services for commercial and residential spaces as well. To know more-

  1. Do you offer Only Packing Services and how do you charge for Only Full Packing Services?

Yes, we at Sharma packers and movers provide you with only Packing services also in Bangalore. Just about what ever be your reason to get your things packed our professional team would support you to the maximum and offer quality packing services using best of quality packing materials for the safety like

Some of the packing material we used is as follows:

  • Brown Paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Foam & Thermocol
  • Corrugated Roll
  • Wooden Crates
  • Corrugated Box
  • BOPP Tapes and more.

All are packing and subject to customers’ needs and will be customized to the customer’s specification and requirement. Now coming to the full packing cost and how we charge it

Lets presume you need a to pack 1BHK stuffs like Sofa set, Dining Table, Dining chairs, Double cot Bed and a mattress, Dressing table and about 15 Carton Boxes for all other personal utilities. Now that you need full complete packing services in order to pack we need to bring the packing material to you home address and also need 3 Manpower for the job of packing and also we need to bring packaging material

Average cost for full complete packing of 1BHK would be

Packaging material


Transport cost

Total Cost





Above Packing charges are subjective and subject to changes as per needs and requirements of Customers

  1. What is full Packing Services and partial packing services?

When you move to other state from Bangalore or for international shifting, you the customers have a choice to opt for partial packing or complete Full packing services. When you hire a packaging services , the moving company will professionally pack all you household items all by themselves under a professional experienced supervision with complete care so that the customers can relax and leave it to expert with packing job. But, when you hire them for partial packing services they would pack only the selected listed items demanded by customers and rest is for house owner to pack all by themselves.

  1. Is it worth paying for packing when moving?

Certainly, it is always best recommended to get things professionally packed to minimize the risk of damages during transportation and it is well worth paying for packing and moving services as they are fully equipped with right tools and carry good packaging materials. And with the experience they would safely handle your valuables during transportation and loading and unloading process also gets smooth and effortless.

  1. Why choose the best Packing Shifting Services providers Bangalore?

Moving soon and worried about packing your belongings? Call Sharma Packers and Movers. We are professional Bangalore packers and movers widely experienced in household and office packing. Our professionally trained packing staff can have the packing finished in hours. Our movers have been providing full or partial packing services in Bangalore for years. We offer several different options for your packing needs at most competitive pricing which includes full and partial packing. We use the best packing material such as shrink wrap, bubble wrap, tapes, blankets, cardboard boxes to provide utmost safety to your belongings. Need specialty packing for your fragile or high value items? We provide custom wooden crating on demand to provide maximum safety of your belongings. The professional packing staff at Sharma Packers and Movers will make sure your items arrive safely whether you are moving them across the street, or across the country. We hire only experienced moving staff and provide the most efficient and professional packing services for your residential or business move. Packing is the most important part of any move. If your belongings are packed properly they will arrive at the destination safely. Band packing can result in damage to your belongings. Don’t trust just any packers and movers Bangalore to do your packing. Contact us now to get more information on the most effective way to do the packing the right way, for any type of move.